Cloonmore strongly believe in business contribution towards economic and social development, and a healthy environment.

CloonmoreInternational_MedCorporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability Strategies

We understand economic development is a key objective for emerging markets, and local communities are the foundation of this.

By integrating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into core business strategies we link government policy, business objectives and investment in local communities. This cooperation and collaboration between stakeholders, enables positive alignment of environmental and community benefits.

Our CSR strategies are based on practicality and flexibility to suit the dynamic needs of each respective market.

Cloonmore Approach

Our approach analyses corporate objectives and ties them to the community needs whilst ensuring alignment with governmental statutory requirements.

Cloonmore tailors strategies by developing a solid business case which incorporates prioritisation of business success factors that support sustainability. By collaborating with the organisation, the community and the government we implement practical solutions and robust processes that enable continuous improvement and regular review.