We explore and fulfil opportunities for growth, profitability and success.

Our management mining program covers all aspects of developing and maintaining a mining operation, with the aim of maximising project value for our clients. It’s driven by a team of experienced mining professionals who guide strategy and implementation through close partnership with teams on the ground.

IMG_1472 - CopyExploration

We provide comprehensive exploration solutions for emerging and proven deposits, including:

  •  Full design and implementation of exploration programs
  • Remote and ground disturbing geological activities for ore exploration and evaluation
  • Regional multi-commodity review
  • Development and leadership of geology teams and contract geoscientists
  • Coaching and mentoring of local geometallurgical staff

Mining Services

We help our clients to plan and execute mining programs for all types of commodities and mining methods:

  • Full mine contracting for safe, efficient and profitable extraction of the ore body
  • Consulting services provided by mine managers and engineers, metallurgists, geologists and surveyors

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